First ever sculpting class…

First ever sculpting class...

I actually grew some strength to take a sculpture class this college semester. And personally, I was terrified. I personally think I am NOT that great at sculpting pieces!
Even as a kid my play-doh pieces looked silly! And they still do!
This transformation piece I made in 2 weeks for my first ever sculpting class is now finished..
So here it is!


I finally got my donation account working!! :)

I finally got my donation account working!! :)

So after struggling for awhile, I finally figured out how to get my donation account and button to work! (I’ll admit, it drove me a little crazy trying!)
If you’d like to know more about my life story, struggles and traumas, or my goals, you can read it on my About Me and Why I’m Here!

Featuring my art?!

So a young man wrote me today saying how much he loved some of my artwork (which made me very happy inside to hear!) Then he told me that he will be creating an ambient-style chillout track later in the future, and asked if I would mind if he could feature some of my artwork in it!…

Can you believe that?!

My happiness grew so quickly when I read that! So much that I re-read it a couple more times! I eagerly wrote back how grateful I was if he did! As you guys know (and if you don’t, well then now you will) that’s one of my main goals: Is to get my artwork out to you guys!

I really hope this guy not only succeeds in making his music track and getting fans to watch and like it, but I hope my artwork will be shown 🙂

I hope all of you had an awesome day so far!

-Kaitlyn Fletcher

School/ College..

So I’ve been busy being a full time student at my beautiful college, along with working part time at the city of Marina’s Teen and Youth Centers with kids 🙂

How’s everyone else’s school and work life going? Along with your friends/family/ relationships going??

I miss being able to be on here for a good amount of time and keep updated with all you!

Dreaming for this to happen ever since I was born..

I’ve been dreaming to do one thing my entire life, even as a little girl barely starting school. My life dream has been wanting to become an art teacher. An art teacher for all ages. To help kids or elders find art in their life like I have; to help them through emotional stress or just for fun.

That’s why I started this blog a few months ago. I hope I have helped inspire many people out there across the world. Not too long ago, I got up to 100 likes on my blog!! (Yay!!!)

I know a lot of you like Facebook a lot more or are on there a lot more often, so here is my Facebook Art Page that I have also started a have put up some of my artwork over the past 4 years. 🙂 I hope some of you get a chance to like my page and look at a few of them! There (and my WordPress About Me) can tell you more in depth about my life goals and my challenges I face every day.

Keep going towards what you love to do! 🙂

Facebook Art Page!

Facebook Art Page!

I just recently put up some of my older pictures from 2009 to now not too long ago!! You can go check them out here !

I hope you get to look at some of them and enjoy them! 🙂

Dream Tree

Dream Tree

Last week I created my first 2013 picture for my sweet friend, Alexis. She’s been in love with this tree, so I drew it for her so she could have it in her room ( or where ever she’d like it!). It’s all made from soft pastels on multi-media paper.



I havn’t been on here in awhile! I’m sorry guys! I hope none of you forgot about me yet!
I have been so busy with school being over~ and now with work and fixing up my car! I need to get it all checked out and new brake pads on Monday at 9:00am! -_- oh joy.
I promise I am still doing artwork and will show all of you my pieces. But for now, here is one of my favorite pieces I did for my college class, using only pencil and cross-hatching techniques.
Hope you like it, and I hope your new 2013 year is going well so far! 🙂
-Kaitlyn Fletcher

Christmas Eve, DUHHH!

First of all, HAPPPPYYYYY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!! So Much is going on, and every freakin’ store in the world right now is being taken over by their customers for last minute Christmas shopping! So be safe out there!!

I know we all don’t have families to go to for Christmas, or we just choose not to for own personal (good) reasons. We have family and friends who love us to join for Christmas. I hope everyone’s goes well and we all get stuffed with yummy food like as if it was Thanksgiving all over again!

I think everyone gains a few pounds toward the end of the years… I mean, come on. We have Halloween, then it goes straight into Thanksgiving, Christmas, then New Years!! Then before you know it Valentine’s Day comes along and everyone is all “shit!” Haha. But it makes us feel good and we should enjoy every moment of our lives and keep ourselves surrounded by the ones who love us and keeps us happy.

Seriously, being surrounded by people who are always negative and never in a happy mood and think it’s okay to let it out on others (like you who did nothing wrong!) is just not cool!

Keep being happy people! Not just because the holidays are here, but because we deserve it!

Merry Christmas 🙂

College is coming to an end!

This entire week and allllll of next week is Finals Week for my college!


I’m sad that my drawing and composition class is coming to an end, but I AM glad my History class will be (I’m horrible at history btw..) But you CAN see some of my work on my “Artwork” page, and some are also up for sale here! 

Ahhhhhh wish me luck!

Hope you enjoy my work 🙂

-Kaitlyn Fletcher


Another Award!? Yay!


I have been nominated AGAIN but with the Liebster Award this time! First of all, thank you Javed for nominating me! If I could, I’d nominate you back. You have such inspiring work, I love it.

Here are my 11 questions requested:

1. What is your greatest dream? My greatest dream is to continue to get my artwork out to the world; showing that beauty is everywhere.

2. Who is your favorite teacher and why did you like him/her? My favorite teacher is my art teacher right now, she is amazing at not only art but to talk to. She has a WONDERFUL personality and she gets her shit done! She is a very strong and inspiring woman!

3. If you are to meet one celebrity who would that be and why? I am honestly not all into the celebrities nor do I keep up with their lives. So I don’t really have an answer to this.

4. Who is your most valued Role Model and why? Now it is my boyfriend, he’s taught me that the most important thing in life is to be happy, no matter what it takes. We live once in this life and body, so we best make it a wonderful, interesting journey!

5. Black or White? White. I instantly thought of white tea. MMMMMM mm mmmm!! It’s so good!

6. Coffee or Tea? Haha, tea, definitely! I never drink coffee! Specially when it’s dark black! Yuck!

7. Heart or Mind? Mind; it’s crazy how it works and how we can cram so many thoughts and ideas into it, and actually remember them! (For the most part… I forget a lot sometimes!)

8. Who is the most important person in your life now and why? Now, my boyfriend. He’s the closest person to me. My mother and father both are going through hard times and are dramatically changing in every way. Btw, not in good ways. They are starting to make me believe I am crazy. It’s a LONG and crazy story! If you’d like to know, I’d gladly like to share! 🙂

9.If you are to pick one scenario in your childhood days that made an impact in your life what would it be? When I won a drawing contest (ages 5-12) and I won it in 3rd grade! I won $300 towards a birthday party at this HUGE jungle gym place in AZ! It was awesome. What I learned was to never doubt yourself, I was scared since there were “older kids” in the contest.. I thought for sure I was going to lose!

10.What is your perfect date? To eat yummy food with the one you love and just kick back doing some sort of art together laughing all night! 🙂

11.Who is your best friend and what makes him/her the best of them? My boyfriend; I can tell and share anything with him. He listens to everything and always gives honest feedback and his own opinion on things. It’s crazy what some people will talk about too!

I will have to create 11 questions later today since I have my college art class soon! AND my 11 Nominees!! 🙂