I’ve been nominated for being an Inspiring Blogger!

I've been nominated for being a very inspiring blogger!!

I’ve been nominated for being a very inspiring blogger!!

First off, thank you Tiffany Metzger for nominating me!

The Very Inspiring Blog Award is really awesome in so many ways! It gives bloggers a chance to get out there and show their feelings and recognize each other for great things. It’s a chance to make someone stand out for their hard work and feel good about themselves and what they’re doing. Everyone should be nominated!

There are simple rules that go along with accepting this nomination, and those are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate at least 5 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Here I go. First, Seven Things About Me:
1. My entire life ever since I was a very young girl, I told everyone (and still do) that I want to show my artwork to the world and show everyone that everything has beauty in it.
2. The only thing stopping me is an incurable disorder. I suffer from a blood circulation disorder that effects the nerves and body tissue called Raynaud’s Syndrome.
3. I am in love with eating beets. I don’t even care if they stain my hands red! They are delicious, I can literally eat them like as if they were an apple.. (Yes, I’ve been told many times I’m a weirdo).
4. My favorite form of art to create images with is charcoal, pencil, pastels and pen & ink. Whenever I drawing with pen & inks I feel like Benjamin Franklin!
5. I am the oldest, I have one younger brother who’s 14, who I love greatly. I may not show him as much as I should or tell him, but I really do. He’s been there by my side hugging me at my worse times, and I thank him for that. I love you, Tyler Fletcher.
6. (Almost done!) I’ve ALWAYS loved bunnies! They are the most adorable little guys I’ve ever seen! (Almost as cute as baby little kittens!) I use to have one for years who’d always cuddle up and sleep with me.
7. Lastly, I actually think I may have found the love of my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more from him. He actually has a nerve disorder too, but it’s a bit different than me. (So as you could imagine, we always are complaining to one another by how badly we are hurting!) William Prowse, I love you too, as well.

NOW for choosing FIVE more inspirational people!
I’m new to WordPress, so I’ll choose wisely of my new friends! 🙂

1. OEDaDay : This is the first woman I came in contact with and followed one another here on WordPress. She has always dreamed of being a writer and she is a stay at home mom. What a pain in the butt, right?! So here on WordPress she gets to write and write away.. Her stuff is really neat to read, I get lost in a lot of them!
2. askirtaweek : This woman, is amazing. You can literally stay on her page foreverrrrr. (Trust me, I’ve done it) I think this woman is living the life! She has everything going on for her, she has a wide variety of things and objects for everyone to check out!
3. Sarah Rose : Just because I love Christmas. This blogger actually has their OWN Christmas site, too. How crazy is that? There are so many ideas and goodies!
4. Lauren Peploe : This young girl has it all: collages, photography, sketches, paintings, (seriously, almost everything). It’s really nice to look at, she has so much talent in so many categories. Check your stuff out! (Even her page is set up like a collage!)
5. Lastly, Sophie Hadfield : What I enjoy most about this girl’s work is she draws with whatever she feels like, and from her imagination. She also shows her process in her works, also!

2 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for being an Inspiring Blogger!

  1. Aw, you’re welcome Kaitlyn! And I agree, everyone should be nominated for this award! It just spread happy feelings! Also, you may be the first person I’ve met to love beets, I mean really love beets. And that is cool. Beets are cool. 😀

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